Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you do cut paper commissions? 

They take FOREVER to do. Cut paper is a medium that takes three to five times longer for me to do than any digital piece. They also would have to be mailed to the commissioner, and they’re just so delicate. They’d be a bajillion dollars and would take me three years to complete each one, only for it to maybe hopefully make it to its destination safely. My cut paper work can be purchased at the yearly MCAD art sale and in occasional drops in my shop. Please check my twitter or instagram to see when I will drop more cut paper pieces next.


What do you use to draw? 

I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and Procreate. 


How do I get better at drawing fat people? 

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Here are a few resources I have collected over the years to aid in drawing fat folks: 

Emmet Madly’s Fat Bodies Archive

Ruby Ball’s Fat Photo Ref (you will have to message Ruby for the password, however): 

Morpho: Anatomy for Artists: Fat and Skin Folds book


Why don’t you want people to repost your artwork? 

I don’t like people reposting my work because it takes away the context of the original post and makes it easier for art thieves to take my work and profit off of it. If you do paid sponsorships on your Instagram profile, and you get paid to be a brand, you need to be paying the artists whose work you repost, whether its credited or not. My work is not fodder for other people’s social media. I know people often have good intentions with this, but it just makes it harder for me to keep doing what I do. I also just don’t like it! 


I see a piece on your social media that isn’t in your shop to purchase as a print. How can I get a print of it? 

You can certainly send me an email or a DM on any social medias of mine and I can take your request for consideration the next time I go to stock prints. Some stuff only one person wants! 


Do you have more copies of Fat Craft? 

At the time of me writing this (August 2021), no, I do not. Fat Craft is a preorder only item and can only be purchased during the preorder time. Please check @fatcraftzine on Twitter or for any updates on the zine. 


Oh my god I just saw a picture of your three orange cats, please tell me about them!!

You know it probably seems weird that I’m including this in an FAQ but I swear, it is an actual FAQ. The fluffy one is Muffin, the one with some white on her is Pancake and the big stripey one is Bacon. They are all sisters from the same litter and probably share the same brain cell. You can see more photos of them on their Instagram page (which my mother runs) here: orangesistersthree