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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for freelance work right now?

Yes! Let's work together! Send me an e-mail at!

What do you use to draw? 

I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and Procreate. 


How do I get better at drawing fat people? 

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Here are a few resources I have collected over the years to aid in drawing fat folks: 

Emmet Madly’s Fat Bodies Archive

Ruby Ball’s Fat Photo Ref (you will have to message Ruby for the password, however): 

Morpho: Anatomy for Artists: Fat and Skin Folds book


How can I share your work on Instagram?

First off—thank you for wanting to share my work! I'm perfectly fine with (and love!) when people share my Instagram posts to their Instagram stories, but I ask that people don't repost my work to their own Instagram feeds. In the past, I've had people post my images without tagging or crediting me, and even brands use my drawings for advertising when they should have paid me, so in order to protect my creative work, I ask that people share in stories only. I feel the same with Twitter—retweets are welcome, but please don’t save an image and share in any other form.

I see a piece on your social media that isn’t in your shop to purchase as a print. How can I get a print of it? 

You can certainly send me an email or a DM on any social medias of mine and I can take your request for consideration the next time I go to stock prints. Some stuff only one person wants! 


What is Fat Craft? 

Fat Craft is a collaborative zine curated and run by my best friend Jess Burnworth and I! For every volume, we come up with a slightly spooky theme and gather a whole bunch of artists to take that theme and make an illustration centering fat bodies with it. We also give all the proceeds for every volume to the fat centered charity NOLOSE! You can find more about Fat Craft on the Fat Craft website right here.


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